5 Enjoyable Ways To Spend Your Free Time This Summer!


5 Enjoyable Ways To Spend Your Free Time This Summer!

Summer season has finally arrived and we can totally feel the heat! There are thousands of summer vacation spots in the Philippines, ranging from beach resorts to private pools to indoor activities, you name it and we have it! But thinking of activities to spend your free time on might be stressful, that’s why we have prepared a list of fun activities for you and the whole squad to enjoy.

Here are the 5 ways to enjoy summer:

It’s the perfect time for the beach!

When we think about summer, it’s the first thing that comes to mind! Walking along the beach, leaving footsteps in the sand, as the sun smiles down on your beach hat, appears to be the perfect summer activity. Simply go for a swim on the beach, snorkeling, or attempting a new water sport this summer is a fun recreational activity that will certainly reduce stress, elevate your mood.

Experience world class service with the lush greenery and beauty of nature at Modala Beach resort, with a variety of water sports and great cuisine, you can get lost in the majesty of nature right off Panglao Island’s northwest coast. You can get discounts when you register at FilPass, register now to avail!


Can’t go to the beach? Bring out your inflatables!

Life happens and sometimes it is hard to book an appointment due to the high volume of guests and COVID-19 restrictions, but that does not mean you are exempted from the fun! Throw a pool party for your family or friends and relax for the day or get some fun activities going; both kids and adults will surely enjoy it. Set up a buffet in your backyard, challenge your friends to a karaoke battle, or simply enjoy some refreshing drinks and cocktails; this not only feels convenient, but it will also save you a couple of bucks.

A party is never complete without snacks! From a wide range of choices, their cakes will undoubtedly satisfy your cravings as you eat by the pool on a hot sunny day. When you join FilPass, you may save up to 30% on YUMazing cakes from YUM PH.

Turn summer nights into fun ones by binge watching your favorite movies!

Summer is not just about going to the beach and bathing in the sun, there are days that we just want to stay home and spend our free time watching classic movies or finishing that K-Drama you have always eyed to watch. Summer nights will always be a perfect time to organize a movie night at your place, whether you need a new movie series or an old classic to watch alone or with your whole family or friends with all of your spare time, you can do it together or just setup your discord room for an online viewing party!

CTI has affordable gadgets to complete your movie night setup and allow you to experience cinema at home even when you’re apart, and if you register at FilPass, you may save up to 20% on selected laptops, desktops, and mobile phones.


Reinvent your fitness routine and lifestyle

Because of the impact of online classes and work-from-home setups on our productivity in terms of physical activity, our body may have experienced changes and difficulty in adapting to going back to normal. With fewer restrictions, we can now return to the gym and enroll in a new workout program, such as Pilates, yoga, or any martial art of our choice. Instead of locking yourself up, go outside and go for a walk or run, play your favorite sport or try one of the various workouts available online.

Start your fitness journey with enjoyable workout sessions with the best fitness equipment at The Upper Deck Gym. Get a discount at Manila’s world-class holistic lifestyle hub when you sign up with FilPass!


Relax and free your worries at the spa with your friends!

De-stress your body from all the worries by booking a Spa Day for you and your friends. This will not only leave you with a relaxed and calm mind, but it will also foster amazing bonding while providing many health benefits, replenishing your batteries for the days ahead. Massage not only relieves aching muscles, but it also reduces inflammation and improves cardiovascular and immune system health.

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